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Card Game Bundle Four | Algebra Rummy, Quadratic Rummy, Quadrilateral Match, Order of Operations Wars and Chance of Rain

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This is our fourth card game bundle, consisting of 5 games for the price of 3. It consists of the following games:

Algebra Rummy - A simplified version of the classic game rummy, but with equations. This fun game is a great way to revise solving linear equations, and each 'suit' colour increases in difficulty, so you can support the students who need extra support. A sheet is including with space to work out the equations and to record the cards you hold. An answer key is included.

Quadratic Rummy - A similar game to Algebra Rummy, but with Quadratic Equations rather than Linear Equations. Again, a sheet is including that has space for solving the questions and recording your answers for ease of play. Answers are included.

Quadrilateral Match - This game encourages matching quadratic shapes to their properties. It can be played in small groups as a competitive game, or as a solitaire game where students match the properties to the shapes. An answer key is included. 

Order of Operations Battle - Similar to our other battle games, players choose from their cards an answer that is closest in value to the base card. This encourages students to practice BIDMAS/BODMAS (PEDMAS in US) in a fun way. It includes questions such as 7-8+10 so students learn that multiplication/division share equal importance and addition/subtraction also share equal importance. Full answers are included.

Chance of Rain Probability Game - This is a fun game where students wont even be aware that they are learning. Players are given items of clothing cards, which they use to predict the weather each round. The weather cards consist of more rain cards than wind, more wind cards than sun, more sun cards than snow etc. Players are encouraged to keep track of how the probability of each card appearing changes with each card played, and sheets are included for this including both in the form of fractions and percentages. 


If you have already bought one of these games separately, and now wish to buy the bundle, simply purchase the bundle then send us a message via your account information, selecting the individual resource you'd like a refund on. 

This is a digital product. A download link will be sent to your email address upon purchase and you can then print as many copies as you need to use in your classroom or for home use.