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Quadratic Rummy Card Game

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Need a fun way to engage your students in solving quadratic equations by factorising? Then this is the product for you. It's great game for 2-6 players, or use the cards as an individual activity as a form of flash cards.  

This game contains 4 letters (suits/colours); x (red), y (yellow), a (green) and b (blue). They range in difficulty, so you can easily differentiate the cards with your class. The solutions to each quadratic equation range between 1 and 13. and players can choose the solution to their quadratic equation to make it fit the gameplay. If you know how to play a traditional game of Straight/Standard/Traditional Rummy, the Rules are similar, and feel free to adjust them to suit your needs. This game also comes with a Working Out Sheet for each player to keep track of their cards and solutions, and an Answer Sheet of all card numbers.


Rules of Play

- Ensure that every player has a copy of the Working Out Sheet.
- Shuffle the deck, mixing up all the cards, and deal out 7 cards per player.
- Place the rest of the deck cards face-down in the centre.
- Players should work out the two possible values of all of their cards now using the Working Out Sheet. - Play begins left of the dealer.
- First, turn over the top card on the deck in the middle to create a visible discard pile.
- Compulsory Draw. Player must pick a card from the discard or deck pile.
- Optional Meld. The player can choose to play (or meld) a sequence in the middle.
- A minimum of three cards are needed to make a sequence.
- Acceptable sequences are as follows:

- The same answer in different letters (suits/colours), e.g. x=3, y=3, a=3.

- Ascending sequences of answers in the same letter (suit/colour), e.g. a=3, a=4, a=5.
- If a player can make a ‘meld’, they don’t have to yet, they can choose to keep it to themselves. - Remember that quadratic equations have two solutions, players must choose and prove them. - Optional Lay-Off. The player can add cards to existing melds on the table.
- Acceptable Lay-Offs are as follows:

- If x=3, y=3, and a=3 are on the table. A player can add b=3.
- If a=5, a=6 and a=7 are on the table. A player can add a=4 and/or a=8.
- Lay-Offs must continue/complete an existing sequence/meld, and cannot cross.
- e.g. If x=3, y=3, a=3 and b=3 are melded, new melds cannot be built outward from them.

- Compulsory Discard. A player MUST discard one card into the discard pile in the middle.
- Play continues clockwise.
- As players pick up new cards from the discard or deck piles, they can add answers to their sheets. - Players can also use the Working Out Sheet to track cards that are melded on the table.
- The winner is the first person to meld/play ALL of their cards in the middle.


This is a digital product. A download link will be sent to your email address upon purchase and you can then print as many copies as you need to use in your classroom or for home use. 

This game is also including in our 4th card game bundle at a discount.