Algebra GCSE grade 6/7 target

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These GCSE cards are a great revision tool. With questions suitable for students aiming at grades 6 and 7 in the new GCSE, these cards cover many topics within Algebra. Use them in your class for revision, or set them as homework. Ask students to focus on particular topics, or work through the entire pack. There is a lot of flexibility with these cards. 

Questions cover topics from Rearranging Equations including where students must first factorise, simplifying and adding with algebraic fractions, quadratic and simple geometric sequences, working with the quadratic formula both with and without a calculator, completing the square, factorising quadratics where the coefficient of x2 is greater than 1, word questions involving inequaltiies as well as some simple quadratic inequalities, setting up and solving simultaneous equations, writing algebraic proof and working with functions, including composite functions.

There are 48 cards included in the pack covering the following topics:

*Rearranging Equations

*Algebraic Fractions


*Quadratic Formula

*Factoring Quadratics


*Simultaneous Equations

*Algebraic Proof



The pack includes full step by step answers and a handy working out sheet so you can laminate the cards and keep them for future use. 

This is a digital product. A download link will be sent to your email address upon purchase and you can then print as many copies as you need to use in your classroom or for home use.