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Quadrilateral Match Card Game

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This game is a fun way to practice properties of quadrilaterals. It can be played both as a competitive game for 2-6 players, or as a solitaire type game where students match the properties cards to the appropriate quadrilateral. A full answer key is included. 

The following Quadrilateral Cards are included: Square, Rectangle, Parallelogram, Rhombus, Kite and Reapezium (UK) Trapezoid (US). 

The following Properties Cards are included: '4 Right Angles', 'All Sides are Equal', 'Two Sets of Parallel Lines', 'Diagonals Cross at Right Angles', 'Diagonals bisect each other', 'Opposite Angles are Equal', 'One Pair of Sides are Parallel' and 'Two Pairs of Adjacent Sides are the Same Length'. There are the correct number of properties cards for every shape card, meaning it is possible to play all shape cards and property cards and have no cards left at the end of the game. 


Rules of Play

- Deal out 10 Property cards per player. Then place 3 Shape cards face-up in the centre of the table. - Place the remaining Property cards and Shape cards face-down on the table for use in gameplay.

- Players take turns to place one of their Property cards next to one of the 3 Shape cards in the middle. - If a player cannot place a Property on a Shape, the player must pick up 2 new Property cards.

- Once a Property card has been placed next to a Shape, it cannot be placed again by others.

- Once all Properties have been found for a Shape, they are discarded and a new Shape is selected. - There should always be 3 Shapes in play.

- The winner of the game is the person who has played all of their Property cards.


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This is a digital product. A download link will be sent to your email address upon purchase and you can then print as many copies as you need to use in your classroom or for home use.