Card Game Bundle Five | Rearranging, Calculation Switch, Negative Switch, Equivalent Fraction Solitaire, Order Of Operations

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Our fifth card game bundle consists of 5 of our popular card games for the price of 3. It contains the following card games:


Rearranging Race - A fast paced card game where players race to rearrange a given equation. 

Calculation Switch - Quickly add and subtract numbers in your head in this crazy game.

Negative Switch - Like calculation switch but with a few negative numbers thrown in. 

Fraction Fishing and Solitaire - Two games for the price of one here. Working with equivalent fractions, either play a version of Go Fish in small groups, or pyramid solitaire for individual play. 

Order of Operations Rummy - The classic game of rummy, but where players have to first solve order of operations questions. Great for revision BIDMAS/BODMAS/PEDMAS.


If you have already bought one of these games separately, and now wish to buy the bundle, simply purchase the bundle then send us a message via your account information, selecting the individual resource you'd like a refund on.