Space Conquest Multiples and Prime Numbers Board Game

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You are a space explorer. You plan to own as many spaces on the board as you can. Problem is, so does your opponent.

Space Conquest is a Two Player game that helps players better grasp the concepts of Times Tables, Multiples and Prime Numbers, all in one fun and competitive board games.

Prepare your spinner, or use a 12-sided dice. When using a 12-sided dice, re-roll when the numbers 1 or 2 are rolled. Alternatively, you can use This is a random number generator website. Set the range from 3-12 and hit ‘generate’. 

Before play, you need to place the black holes. These will become places that can NEVER be captured. There are three ways of placing the black holes, and your teacher will decide how they should be placed: 

- The teacher tells you where to place them. 

- You can spin the spinner, and place them on every multiple of the number you get. 

- Or, lastly, place 13 black holes randomly all over the board.

- Play lasts for 10 rounds, or until someone runs out of pieces. Use 2 sheets (200 pieces) of player pieces. 

- Players decide who goes first. 

- Player 1 spins the spinner, then places a spacecraft on that number and all of its multiples. 

- Player 1 now owns all of these squares. 

- If a player’s claimed spaces encounter a black hole, they cannot place a counter there. It is uninhabitable. 

- Player 2 takes their turn. If they land a spacecraft on a space owned by Player 1, Player 2 now owns it. 

- Once both players have taken their turn, Round 2 begins. 

- Play continues, with each player placing their pieces on top of any spaces that have been taken before. 

- The piles of pieces on commonly taken spaces will rise throughout the game. 

- After round 10, or when a player runs out of pieces, add up the number of spaces claimed by each player. Only pieces on the very top count. 

- The player who has claimed the most spaces wins.

The Pack also includes thought provoking questions about the game such as 'why wouldn't it work to play the game until every space is filled?' (Prime Numbers investigation) and 'Why have some squares accumulated more counters than others?' (Common Multiples). 


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