My Account

My Account

How to do I register for an account? 

You can register or sign in via the link at the top of the page.


How do I change my email address/name/password?

Go into 'My Account' and 'Account Settings'. From there you can change any of these details. 


I'd like to stop receiving emails from LittleStreams, or close my account. 

In either case, please contact us with your request. 


I can't sign in. 

Okay, there are a few things you can try. 

1) Make sure you are using your correct email address. 

2) Try using a different browser. 

3) Try resetting your password.

4) If you're still having problems, try clearing you browsing history and cache

5) Still having problems? Contact us.


I don't seem to be getting replies to my emails.

We aim to reply to emails within 24 hours. Emails are sometimes put in your junk folder or even your portions folder. Check here to see if there has been a reply.