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Introducing Ratios Worksheets

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This pack includes 10 unique worksheets that introduce ratios. Each worksheet is then differentiated 3 ways to ensure support and challenge.

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The pack includes the following worksheets: 

1 - Ratio Images - Introduces the idea of writing ratios of groups of objects.

2 - Ratio Blocks - Uses grids of shaded squares to introduce the concept of simplifying ratios.

3 - Equivalent Ratios - Matching activity of equivalent ratios.

4 - Ratio Word Link - A letter link activity on simplifying ratios. When students link equivalent ratios, they draw through letters that spell out the name of a famous mathematician.

5 - Ratio of Shapes - Looks at ratios of 2D and 3D shapes

6 - Proportion Word Problems Word problems of objects in proportion of each other.

7 - Sharing Amount - Sharing amounts of money in a given ratio. 

8 - Ratio of Amounts Secret Code - Sharing money given a ratio to solve a clue puzzle that reveals an interesting fact.

9 - Ratio Word Problems - Word questions on ratios.

10 - Ratio and Fractions - Converting between ratios and fractions.


This is a digital download. When you make your purchase, you will be sent a PDF which you can print off as many copies as you need. 

This is also available as part of our introducing fractions, decimals and percentages bundle where you will also get a bonus test and confidence checklist. If you have bought the files separently and wish to receive the test and confidence check list, feel free to email us at