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Introducing Fractions & Decimals Worksheets

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This pack is filled with worksheets designed to introduce students to fractions and understanding the relationship between different fractions. It also covers decimals, asking students to put decimals in order of size. Each worksheet is differentiated 3 ways. There are two files: the worksheet files and the teachers file that includes the solutions.

The pack contains the following worlsheets: 

1 - Equal Share -  What is meant by breaking shapes into equal sizes? Builds understanding of what fractions are.

2 - Identifying Fractions - Give the fraction of the shape or group of objects that are shaded.

3 - Shading Fractions - Shade the given fraction on the shape or group of objects.

4 - Word Link - Connect a written fraction to its shaded shape form to reveal name of a famous mathematician.

5 - Letters - Questions about fractions and decimals from some given letters. 

6 - Fractions and Decimal Number Lines - Put fractions and decimals in the correct places on the number lines. 

7 - Word Problems - Simple fraction word problems.

8 - Comparing Fractions - Compare the sizes of fractions directly.

9 - Comparing Decimals - Compare the sizes of decimals.

10 - Stepping Stones - Choose the largest fraction in each column to step on to get across the pond.

This is a digital download which will be sent to you when you purchase. You can then print off as many copies as you like. 

This is also available as part of our introducing fractions, decimals and percentages bundle where you will also get a bonus test and confidence checklist. If you have bought the files separently and wish to receive the test and confidence check list, feel free to email us at