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GCSE Grade 8/9 target Mathematics Bundle

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Our new GCSE (9-1) maths grade 8/9 target pack on Algebra, Graphs, Number, Geometry and Statistics & Probability. Each GCSE question card contains a question for students aiming for grade 8 or 9 in their GCSE. Each pack includes 48 questions, a handy sheet for students to put their answers in so you can reuse the cards, and full step by step answers. This is our deal. 

Includes the following topics:
Algebra: Rearranging Equations, Binomials, Algebraic Fractions, Algebraic Proof, Quadratics with x^2 coefficient greater than one, Quadratic and Geometric Sequences, Quadratic Inequalities, Simultaneous Equations involving Quadratics, Functions and Iterative Methods.

Number: Recurring Fractions and Decimals, Surds, Indices, Bounds, Standard Form, Direct and Inverse Proportion, Compound Percentages, Percentage Change, Reverse Percentages.

Geometry: Circle Theorems, Equations of a Circle, Congruence and Similarity, Arcs Sectors and Segments, Volume, Invariant Points, Englargement of Volume given Scale Factor, Sin and Cosine Rules, Exact Trigonometric Values, 3D Trigonometry, Vectors.

Graphs: Coordinates, Equation of the Circle, Quadratic Graphs, Harder Graphs including Exponential and Cubic Graphs, Trigonometric Graphs, Transformations of Graphs, Gradients in Real Life Graphs, Velocity Time Graphs.

Statistic and Probability: Combinations and Permutations, Stratified Sampling, Probability Problem Solving involving Algebra, Tree Diagrams, Conditional Probability, Venn Diagrams including Algebra and Set Notation, Histograms including Finding Averages and Probability from Histograms, Averages Problem Solving.

This is a digital product. A download link will be sent to your email address upon purchase and you can then print as many copies as you need to use in your classroom or for home use.