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Fractominoes 2 Fractions Percentages and Decimals

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Fractominoes 2 is our second fractions dominoes game, this time focusing on equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. This game is a digital print and play game. When you purchase it, you will receive a PDF via email, and you will be free to print as many copies as you need. 

Fractominoes 2 consists of fractions, decimals, percentages and names of fractions in the form of one half, one quarter, three quarters, one third, two thirds, one fifth, two fifths, one eighth and one tenth. 

Games like this can help reinforce equivalence between fractions and decimals. Players aim to play all their dominoes by making matches of equivalent cards. 

This is a downloadable PDF which you print off and then cut up the dominoes yourself. You will receive the PDF once you have purchased the product, and you will be emailed the PDF as well. 

This game is also available as part of our dominoes bundle of 5 dominoes games at a discount. Purchase here.