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Fractions and Percents of Amounts Worksheets

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This pack includes 10 unique worksheets on the topic of finding fraction and percentages of amounts. Each worksheet is then differentiated 3 ways to ensure support and challenge.

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It contains the following worksheets: 

1 - One Part Collections - Introduces students to the concept of finding fractions of amounts using unit fractions (with a numerator of 1) as a division sum. It also includes a fill in the clue puzzle.

2 - Fraction of a Group - Introducing the idea of finding fractions of amounts as being division of the denominator (splitting the amount into groups) and multiplying by the numerator (counting how many groups we want).

3 - Word Link Fractions of Amount - A puzzle where students link the two similar answers with a striaght line that goes through a letter. The letters spell out a famous mathematician. 

4 - The Clock Maker - A collection of fraction questions about a clock maker. It consists of word problems looking at the digits of a clock, minutes in an hour and hours in a day, all in terms of fracitons.

5 - Fraction Word Problems - Word problesm, with images to help students find the answers.

6 - Percentage of Numbers - Find 10%, 50% and 25% of amounts.

7 - Percentage of Amounts Mazes - Can you find your way out of the maze by choosing the correct answer? Includes 1% 5%, 10%, 20% 25% and 50%.

8 - Percentage Grid - Encourages using a grid to find percentages, and includes some more challenging percentage questions.

9 - Percentage Pie Charts - Takes percentages and puts them into the context of pie charts.

10 - Percentage Word Problems - Word problems involved in finding percentages of amounts.


This is a digital product which will be downloaded when you purchase. You will recieve a PDF file which you can print off as many copies as you need. 

This is also available as part of our introducing fractions, decimals and percentages bundle where you will also get a bonus test and confidence checklist. If you have bought the files separently and wish to receive the test and confidence check list, feel free to email us at