Company Values


Our Mission

To support educators and their students by building high quality resources and games that can be accessed by all learners. 


Our Vision

Education has the power to change the world, and we want to give all children and youth that power, by providing the most inspirational, engaging and best resources they can have.


Our Values

Education - Learning should be fun and engaging. We want to inspire the next generation to have the courage to build a better future. 

Passion - Behind every decision lies a passion for both education and design. Our heart and soul goes in to every resource we make. 

Quality - Each resource is made with care, and is extensively tested in educational settings and with the students they are aimed at. What we do, we do well. 

Creativity - There is no one size fits all solutions for our students, so there shouldn't be a one size fits all attitude in resources either. At LittleStreams, we strive to create new and interesting ideas for resources to make lessons engaging and unique. 

Environment - We strive to minimise our impact on the environment. By producing digital based resources, teachers can print only the pages they need, and tutors can use the resources on their iPads using third party software as our resources are easy downloadable PDFs.