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Adding Fractions and Decimals Worksheet

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This pack is filled with worksheets designed to introduce students to adding decimals and fractions. It covers adding fractions with the same denominator, and where one denominator is a multiple of the other. Each worksheet is differentiated 3 ways.

It contains the following workseets:

1 - Decimal Sums and Differences - Adding decimals using the column method.

2 - Decimal Word Problems - adding decimals through word problems

3 - Adding with Same Denominators - includes fraction circles to assist with adding.

4 - Adding the different denimonators - adding and subtracting fractions where one denominator is a multiple of the other.

5 - Adding Fractions to One - How much do I need to add to make a whole?

6 - Fraction Pyramids - adding fractions pyramids

7 - Fraction Grid - adding fractions in a grid. Equivalent fraction bars are included in differentiation 1 and 2 to help students. 

8 - Word Link Adding Fractions - Add fractions and then connect two fractions that are the same, forming a word as they do so.

9 - Adding Fraction Maze - Find your way through the maze choosing the correct answer.

10 - Adding Fractions Word Problems - Nine word problems involving adding and subtracting fractions.


This is a digital product which will download upon purchase. You are then free to print off as many copies as you need.

This is also available as part of our introducing fractions, decimals and percentages bundle where you will also get a bonus test and confidence checklist. If you have bought the files separently and wish to receive the test and confidence check list, feel free to email us at