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Understanding and Manipulating Algebra Worksheets

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This pack is filled with worksheet activities covering combining like terms, expand and factorise expressions and substitution. All worksheets are differentiated to three levels, offering supported worksheets, as well as worksheets which challenge the most able students. Answer sheets are also included for all worksheets.

Term Trees introduce students to like terms, the essential knowledge needed to successfully combine like terms. Combing Terms Pyramid then puts this knowledge into practice. Geometry in Algebra goes one step further, and applies combining terms knoeledge to geometry scenarios.

The final combining like terms worksheet is a fun activity; a crossword. Students collect terms on a worksheet, and then put their answers in the crossword sheet. Each differentiated worksheet has the same questions, but to make things easier for some students, we have included some terms in spaces to give a clue. This is also great for self checking answers.

The next two worksheets focus on expanding and factorising, and is a standard worksheet with questions on both expanding brackets and factorising terms with one set of brackets (linear equations). For the challenging questions, this includes simple quadratics with one bracket; ie x(x+2). The second of these worksheets is an unusual activity combining area of shapes as a form of setting up equations to then factorise.

The final two worksheets looks at substitution. The first consists of a grid; the rows gives the value of x and y, and the columns give the expression to be substituted. The second is a collection of questions about substitution which includes an applied question to do with the temperature conversion equation and knowledge of commutative expressions.

All the worksheets in this pack focus on the essential manipuation skills of algebra needed to work with algebra effectively.

This is a digital product. When you purchase this, you will receive an email with a PDF of all the worksheets which you can then print off.