Card Game Bundle Three | Missing Angles, Construction, Shapes Snap, Time and Clocks

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This is our third card game bundle. Consisting of five great card games for the price of three, it contains the following games:

Missing Angle Wars - A card game that is great for revising missing angles in triangles and on straight lines

Construction Dash - A fast paced game on constructing triangles in the following formats; Side side side, Side Angle Side, Angle Side Angle.

Geometric Snap - A game for recognising similar shapes including irregular pentagons, hexagons and octagons. 

Time Switch - A game that encourages adding and subtracting minutes, and converting minutes into minutes and hours.

Time Wars - This game encourages reading clocks. It is fully differentiated, so you can select the clocks that suit your student's abilities. 


If you have already bought one of these games separately, and now wish to buy the bundle, simply purchase the bundle then send us a message via your account information, selecting the individual resource you'd like a refund on.