Board Game Bundle | Add and Subtract, Fractions, Decimals, Multiples and Bonds

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This is a bundle of 5 of our board games. This pack includes:


Add and Subtract Race - a game that includes adding and subtracting. Four game boards are included, from adding 2 digit to 3 digits, and alternate rules are included to allow for negative numbers for extra challenge. 

Fraction Web - a board game about adding fractions. It includes 4 variations of rules, and three different boards. 

Decimal Snakes and Ladders -a board game encouraging adding and subtracting of decimal numbers. 

Space Conquest - A game for times tables, and investigating prime numbers and common multiples. Children will learn by exploration with this game. 


Number Bonds Galaxy Quest - This game is about number bonds, similar to snakes and ladders but with an extra twist. 


Each item bought separately cost £3